The Beauty Boost: Declutter your Mind + Home

untitled-design-2As most of you know, Stuart and I have found a legal home in a small apartment in the heart of Grandview. The main things I look for when renting are hard wood floors and um, hard wood floors.So you can imagine my delight when we found a spot with just this. However, it definitely needs some love. Below are some simple steps you can incorporate to re-do your living space to de-clutter, organize and create more peace mentally + physically.The Beauty Boost:Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit. The Living RoomAfter puppy Stuart ruined my all white living room and after I realized I spent zero time in there, I threw everything out, hung some painted pictures, threw around some candles and twinkle lights and made myself a yoga studio. But I realize this isn’t for everyone. For $100 or less, you can go to Target and get some new vibrant curtains and either a couple throw pillows or a fun rug in the sale section. This can add a new pop of color or you can go with lighter colors and even white if you want a sense of airiness.The KitchenI love my Pier 1 owl collection that includes a cookie jar, pitcher and select dishes that I use as simple décor for my kitchen. They add a small pop of color and make me happy. I stopped collecting dishes, coffee mugs etc etc and starting to go through cabinet by cabinet and get rid of any excess. Why have 4 cooking mits when I only have 2 hands??I also organized my drawers with those bamboo inserts you can pick up from Target in the kitchen section. If you don’t have a lot of room see if you can add a kitchen nook or tiny island with a couple stools for seating. Plants also add a nice warmth so get yourself a little love fern.The BathroomI’ll say it again…TARGET. Redecorating your bathroom is super inexpensive and easy. You can get yourself a new shower curtain with matching rug and towel for $50 or less. Take mason jars to organize your drawers/cabinet with things like Q-tips, cotton balls, tampons, hair bands, etc. Add a couple soy or beeswax candles and you’ve got yourself a brand new, clutter free room.The BedroomIf you’ve got notebooks, magazines, bins of clothes and stuff everywhere just start small. Now is the perfect time to go through and bin up your summer clothes and take a look at what you haven’t worn in at least a year and donate it. The same with those winter/fall clothes you’ll be getting out. Take old magazines and books to Half Price books for money back. Go through all of those random notebooks and binders and get yourself a couple new notebooks from Barnes N Noble so you can condsense it all into one or two. If your bed doesn’t scream sleep, invest in some quality sheets. Again, get some cute wicker storage baskets and organize your closet, bookshelf, bins under the bed or whatever else you’ve got going on. If you want to redecorate, Hobby Lobby sale days are the best for paintings/pictures, etc.OtherDoormats-just got a super cute one from Target for $4 in the sale sectionPlacemats-I don’t actually use these for anything but decoration, but these can jazz up a small kitchen table. You can also add a cactus and pitcher in the center for an alternative.Office: Pinterest has tons of ideas on decorating office spaces. The Office Max in Graceland is going out of business and 50% off currently.For those of you that know me know me, I don’t have a lot of stuff. The idea isn’t to go out and buy a whole bunch of new things but to take what you have, get rid of some and give the rooms that don’t excite you a mini makeover.ENJOY!XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostPS We've got registration up for A Taste of Fitness on January 15 with the first 300 sign ups receiving a FIT BAG! The entire day is just $10!