The Beauty Boost: Free Workout Videos

boostThis week we’re bringing you 5 workout videos for to use from home, the hotel or wherever life takes you. Getting out of the house on a daily basis and making your way to the gym or studio can be rough. Now you’ll have my favorite go-to-videos to keep you on track! Add a great playlist from Spotify, light a candle and you’ve got your own lil studio.The Beauty Boost: "Results will show up when you do." -Jill KoenigCardio Blast with SHAPE*Get ready to Sweat it Out!10 Minute Flat Belly Workout with PopSugar*Repeat as many times as you want!Flex & Flow with System of Strength*Yoga inspired moves that will kick your ass. Megan doesn't mess around!Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Caley Alyssa*This 44 minutes of heaven will leave you feeling like you worked every muscle.20 Minute Pilates for Abs with Sean Vigue*His core workouts are the best…Once you get past his interesting personality.XOXO Rachel-The Beauty Barre