The Beauty Boost: Getting Unstuck when Life Sucks

untitled-design-2One week it can seem like everything is falling into place. The world is lining up for you. The next week can make you feel like everything you’re doing just sucks. You are failing at life.  You feel out of balance at work/school, your relationship is off,  you’re creatively blocked and you’re simply overwhelmed without a plan in place. You feel stuck with no direction; no path ahead.The Beauty Boost:"Don't get stuck in your Past, use it to fuel your Future." I think we all experience this from time to time. Sometimes it comes in little waves and other times it can leave us feeling paralyzed. Helpless. Sad. Anxiety can be at an all time high.So how do we move through these vicious cycles of life? How do we go about our daily lives without pretending to be happy but actually being happy…or at least working towards it?I don’t really have an easy, all-inclusive answer. I do know that having all of your bases lined up helps. Picking yourself up and going to that yoga/workout class even when it’s the last thing you want to do helps. Eating healthy instead of thinking pizza is your reward for that shitty day helps. Having a solid group of friends or people you can go to to actually talk and not pretend to have it all together helps. This one is probably most crucial. If you’ve got some money and time, having a life coach to help guide you can help. And eventually the pieces start to fall into place. Sometimes very very slowly but they do. Sometimes everything has to fall apart all at once so that you make the needed changes in your life. So you take the action to get unstuck and not stay comfortable.Be patient with people. You never know what they’re going through or how you can lift up their day. Now go be nice to someone today.XO-RachelIf you need a pick-me-up, join our EveryDay Inspired group (it's free!) Just email to join.