The Beauty Boost: Holiday Stress Guide


Happy Holiday Month!

Holidays can cause added stress with having to cram everything in. Travel can throw off our daily routine. All of that heavy food can turn us into food coma zombies. Schedules are thrown off. Family drama comes into play. Anxiety can build.Sooo...below is your holiday stress guide to keep your "zen" on track.THE BEAUTY BOOST:It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.1) The Crazy-Simple Stress-Busting Tool You're not Using (cute 5 minute video by Marie Forleo)2) Printable Holiday HIIT Workout with Tone It Up3) Holiday Yoga Flow Video by CorePower Yoga (10 minutes; no equipment)4) Zone out the world and cuddle up with your favorite book: See PopSugar's recommended 2015 list!5) Indulge in your Thanksgiving feast but try to stay on track with all other meals to avoid feeling blah.6) Now is the time to get real with your meditation. Try this 4 minute song for some motivation.Remember to actually spend real time with friends and family over the holidays. You'll never look back and wish you'd worked more so enjoy the time you have with people you care about and silence your phone.XO Rachel-The Beauty BarrePS Looking to get more of that zen on? We have 5 spots left in our Winter Retreat Feb. 19-21. <3 <3PSS Spread some "om" to someone you love and forward these tips on:)