The Beauty Boost: Hot Mess to Refresh in 5 Steps

untitled-design-2-copy It's safe to say a lot of us feel a little stuck, unsettled or anxious in our lives from time to time. This has been the theme of my life for the past couple months and so I'm sharing a few tips you can apply that have helped me get back to my roots.THE BEAUTY BOOST:Embrace the glorious mess that you are. 1. HOMEIf you don't have a sense of home you'll likely feel unsettled. It's great if you are crashing on your friends couch for free but mentally you'll likely be a basket case with your things strewn all over the place. If you have a dorm, apartment or home but still feel the chaos then take time to declutter, organize and see how you can add more zen to the bathroom and/or bedroom. Maybe it's a splash of fresh paint, new framed inspiring quotes in the bedroom, breezy curtains that let in more light or adding some ferns and armoatherapy candles.*This may seem minor but it's really important mentally that we have a space to go to relax and unwind.2. WORKOUT ROUTINEI have always been key on this one and it's honestly come pretty easy to me until the past couple of months. One vacation, a job change and a new move caused my routine to go crashing. I've noticed that when I have lots of free class passes it almost overwhelms me and I'm better with signing up for 1 to 2 studios and maintaining consistency by scheduling my classes 1-2 weeks in advance.*This is key especially when our schedules start to pile up and it feels like it's the last thing you can fit in.3. PACKING MEALSI've typically always been great about making coffee and a breakfast protein shake at home, packing my lunch and making something simple for dinner along with packed snacks throughout the day. Again, with my personal schedule being so out of whack I've found I am going out to eat for almost every meal. While I try to make the healthiest decisions possible I am a big believer it's always better to make the majority of your meals at home. It'll also save you a boatload of money.4. FAITHI know this one doesn't apply to everyone and this can mean different things for different people. While it's not for me, yoga can be a spiritual practice for some. For me, getting my faith back on track by going to small group with my mom, listening to online sermons and reading a daily devotional is huge for my mental health. We all pretty much know where we lie with this sensitive topic so figure out what you need in this category and then get serious about making it a priority.5. ME TIMEGetting really honest now, I noticed I have been running myself into the ground and then would go "all out" on a weekend night over food and drinks with a friend. This would leave me drained, feeling like death and depleting my energy for the following day. There is nothing I hate more than wasting a day. Getting back "me time" for me means hitting up more yoga/workout classes, not rushing through my weekend, taking a time out on the drinking, spending uncrushed + uninterrupted time with my family, walking my dog without a clock and organizing...(I love organizing so this is actually a release for me). Again, take a minute to even make a list and define what "you time" is to see how you can begin to incorporate it into your life.AND FINALLY,I know we read lists all the time in magazines, self-help books and on. It's easy to view them as just a list but for me, the above 5 topics are so much more. They drown out negative thoughts. They bring back clarity and allow me to focus on purpose, improved relationships, excitement for my business and on.I challenge you to create your own list. Write it down. Plot it out on your schedule. Start today. Be consistent even when you don't want to be. Check in with how you feel today and how you feel 2 weeks to a month from now. My guess is you'll feel a whole lot more like your true self. It's not always a quick fix but we can always be working on ourselves to be better.<3 Rachel-The Beauty Boost*Feel free to share with a friend who needs a refresh today:)COMING UP:The Cabin Winter Retreat Feb. 17-19*Details are on this link just for you.A Taste of FitnessIt's coming up on January 15 for year 2! Get a taste of 25 minute teaser classes along with healthy bites, health chats and experience stations like The W Nail Bar offering polish changes.Registration coming out this week!