The Beauty Boost: Managing Your Time


Hey girl.

#Girlboss was the name of the retreat I went to over the weekend. There were so many takeaways but one really stuck out. We heard from a gal who spoke on social media and how she grew her company to 6+ figures all via Facebook...but, the real big aha takaway was she was recoridng her talk to our group so she could "repurpose" it in a number of ways. She talked about how she can dice it up and use as mini podcasts, send out to her team as a training session, capture a quote and attach it with an image to post and on and a one hour talk may give her weeks of content. SMART!So the point here is to think a bit more strategically about what you're already doing and how to make the most of it. Hence work smarter not harder.Challenge: Take 5 minutes to think about what you can "repurpose" in your life and then get started!The Beauty Boost: Focus on being productive INSTEAD of Busy. XOXO Rachel-The Beauty BoostPS THE SPRING RETREAT (June 3-5): 2 glamping (glamour meets camping) spots left and 5 bed spots. What will we be doing? Essentially it's a weekend of adventure, rejuvenation, self-discovery, meeting new women, getting outside your comfort zone, workouts, self-growth, boating, campfire drinks, release stress and on and on. So if this sounds like YOU then head on over to our page and sign yourself up. $250 covers 4 workouts, 5 meals, unlimited snacks, wine + specialty drinks, boating, patio painting session, lodging, Life coaching and a bunch of other jazz we can't tell ya just yet b/c some things have to be a surprise!