The Beauty Boost: Master Your Schedule

Death_to_stock_Marzocco_Coffee_10Hi Pretty!Do you ever feel like time is literally flying by? You have so much to do and NEVER enough time. You have a list of all the crap you need to get done and hardly anything actually gets done. Errands to run. Clean your house/apt. Buy groceries. Have a bit of a social life. Etc Etc Etc.The Beauty Boost: “Extremes are Easy. Strive for Balance."We asked six entrepreneurs how they fit it all in. Here’s their tips and tricks below. Enjoy!  I prioritize my schedule rooted in my values and what matters to me. I call it conscious calendar-ing and it is a major practice. Some weeks I nail it, others I lean heavily (usually in my work life) and decide to make a change. The clarity in what matters, the people that matter and the commitments I have in my personal, professional and health life are the guiding light. Like a checks and balances in your Google Calendar or moleskin planner!-Jackie Carr of www.jackicarr.comMy old-school calendar is my world. I left it on a plane once and it felt like my world was ending. I write every, single thing down that I need to do and there's no better feeling than crossing it off. I'm a huge planner and I love looking ahead. Keeping my plans organized and realistic is always a big help. I try and keep a good balance between work and social. It's something I'll constantly have to work on, but I'm getting better!-Kristin + Kailen of The Blowout BarHonestly, just trying not to over-schedule myself. I say "no" to a lot of things, even though it can be scary at times! Ideally, I have a few things that I focus on each day for my business & then allow time for relaxing, self-care, & basic life to-dos. You can do it all, but not all at once!-Simi Botic of www.simibotic.comI learned how to say no to things that didn't fit with where I was headed and what I needed to focus on. My circle of who I spent my time with was cut in half.-Manda and Lauren of The W Nail BarI try to be really aware of how to help people find their magic and communicate that with others. I spend a lot of time reading, writing, listening and advising. All of that - when I'm doing a good job in my day - is done in long-form chunks of time. I work to be really present and focused when I'm doing any of those things.-Adam of The Wonder JamI am a hard core scheduler. It's the only way! But I also love a lot of spaciousness between tasks and projects, so I allow for that. If I think it's going to take me two hours to do something, I schedule 3. My other superpower is being very decisive. I can make decisions easily and over the years I've learned how to graciously say no A LOT.-Stephanie St. Claire of www.stephaniestclaire.comIf you've got tips of your own share them below and be sure to share this email with anyone you think could benefit:)PS We've got lots of jazz coming up and you can catch it all here!XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost