The Beauty Boost: On Feeling Unsettled

unnamed-2I’ve always felt like I didn’t exactly belong. I linger in that grey area. I’m in the middle of wanting to settle down with a family and to be a wanderlust gypsy traveler. I love a schedule and routine but at the same time I love the unknown with each day shaping out differently. I want a space to call home that’s perfectly decorated with Target decor and cozy but I want to roam free without the weight of a mortgage. I want to be married and have adopted kids but I want the freedom to get up and leave with zero tying me down. I’ve even felt out of place as a yoga instructor at times when I read others posts that have a great following and a great practice talk about the spiritual side of it. About how they’d be lost without their daily practice. For me, it’s something completely different and I do feel off if I haven’t moved/worked out but it doesn’t have to be yoga.The Beauty Boost: You are not perfect, and that is perfectly fine. I write this because I think we all are stuck in this grey area from time to time. We are envious of our friends who are “happily” married with kids and our married friends are envious of our ability to pick up and go on that beach trip or even just a simple happy hour with the girls. We compare our careers to those who work in beautiful offices with the shiny espresso maker, free snacks, gym passes etc. And those same people may feel tied to the glamorous salary and aesthetics wishing they could “break free” to do their own thing.  We may see a happy couple on social media and wish that was us because they look so happy. So perfect. That same girl may be looking at you. She may feel like she’s just going through the motions and wish she could be single and carefree like you portray yourself.We are all in the grey at some point. In some category. This is the struggle. To find happiness in the day to day. To be content with what we have and how you shape you life. It’s hard not to compare but comparing will kill your soul.Wishing you lots of happiness this week!XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostLots of Free Events n Jazz comin' Up:Bootcamp + Bubbly + Bend: October 25: FREE (50 spots)HIIT It n Hustle with The Wonder Jam!  October 31: FREE (45 spots)A Taste of Fitness: January 1: $10 (first 300 sign ups get a FIT BAG)The Winter Retreat: $299 February: 17-19*Meditation, Workouts, Face Masks, Hot Tubbin, Fresh Food, Health n Life Chats, Wine + More.