The Beauty Boost: Saving Time Edition


Hey Girl!

If you're human you probably wish you had more time. More time for friends, more time to sleep, more time to just do the stuff you want to be doing. Below are some tips I do in my own life to to help get it all in and free up that precious time. Enjoy!The Beauty Boost: "Either you run the day, or the day runs you." Time Savers: 1) Instead of sitting in a room, try to take any work meetings or work calls on a walk (weather permitting).You'll feel a lot more energized letting those amazing thoughts flow and you'll get a tiny workout in.2) Use drive time to make those calls to grandma, friends or anyone you want to catch up with. Just put your headphones in and drive responsibly!3) Whenever I want to write thank you cards or work on any event items, I always throw on a Netflix movie to take that time to unwind a bit but still remain productive.4) Anytime I workout at a studio with a shower, I try to take advantage and let my hair dry on the way home.*I have a lot of hair...5) This may be a no brainer, but I stack all of my errands together instead of making indivdual trips. So I return library books, deposit checks, grab weekly groceries, get an oil change...etc ALL IN ONE TRIP!6) Take advantage of online billing and banking. Plus it saves you on stamps!7) I spend about an hour on Sundays planning out my weekly meetings, workouts + tasks but it saves so much mindless time throughout the week and helps to create focus.8) I try to dedicate one half day for all meetings and make them within the same location so that I'm not wearing myself out & running myself all over town.9) Instead of trying to fit in  and time with friends, I multi-task by inviting a friend to a class with me and then maybe grab a quick drink straight from the studio.10) Take advantage of your lunch break. Use it to run errands or do any of those draining personal things you don't want to do in your own free time.XO Rachel-The Beauty Barre