The Beauty Boost: Scheduling 101



Let's OWN your weeks!

Ever heard you CAN have it all? Well, you can. Just not at the same time. Our culture is go go go, multi-task, take it all on, do do do! It’s enough to make you lose your mind and, at the end of the day, feeling like you accomplished zero. Start to really think before you say yes. Stop taking on more than you can handle.Stop going through the motions. Stop saying yes to invites that don’t make you want to scream Hell Yes! Stop feeling guilty for declining invites. Stop thinking about what you “should” do and start doing what feels right.Start taking ownership of your day. How do you do that you ask? Plan out your days. It may sound boring at first, but just give it a try. You'll be much more strategic with your time and this allows you to really see where your time is going. And of course, don't forget to pencil in slots for moving your body:)Some links below to help send you on your way!Print this Free Daily Routine Planner by Andrea DekkerShop Lily Pulitzer Planners like this elephant or confetti design!Watch this Video for how this gal plans out her weeks in styleRead this article on 3 Ways to Own your DayThe Beauty Boost:"When you stop chasing the wrong things,You give the right things a chance to catch you."Hope you enjoyed this Monday Morning Boost! Be sure to share with someone you love<3XOXO Rachel-The Beauty Barre