The Beauty Boost: The Struggle is Real

deathtostock_thecollaborative-2I don’t start my day with lemon water.I once taught up to 16 yoga classes a week and couldn't do a handstand. (still can't)I drink a disgusting amount of coffee after 2pm on certain days.I like to end my days with red wine fairly often.I eat gluten. I eat a lot of bread. A lot. And chocolate daily.I get really into a type of workout and then can go days without working out.I rarely fall asleep before 11pm.I fall asleep to a screen on most nights.I pack my days sometimes to the point of a breakdown b/c it’s not realistic to make it all work.I am snippy towards the people I love.I wash my hair a lot more than I’m told you’re suppose to.I think I can multi-task even though I know it's an energy sucker.I don’t have a home yoga practice b/c I don’t like to do yoga at home or alone.I don’t meditate daily…usually only when I’m taking a class.I kept a journal for years but haven’t consistently written in one for over a year.I would like to take more baths with Epson salt but I don’t feel like cleaning my tub.I find it hard to sit still and do nothing. To fully relax.THE BEAUTY BOOST:Strive for progress not Perfection.The point here is we are not perfect. We are not our Instagram & FB pictures. We may see someone in a certain profession and assume they follow a certain way of life. The struggle is real for everyone. We strive to be better at the things on our list but it’s all a work in progress and you can only focus on so many things at one time. Let’s all work to be more human and not picture perfect…b/c that shit is exhausting.XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostBe sure to share this with a friend you love as imperfect as you <3PS Our September Classes + Happenings are all attention to The Cabin Escape;)