The Beauty Boost: Travel Tips Edition

Travel Tips EditionHello Wanderlust Souls!Now seems to be the time we start jetsetting away booking beach bungalows, family trips and seaside adventures. There's nothing I love more than traveling and exploring but it can throw off a schedule in no time bringing us home in a sluggish sloppy mess. We typically drink too much, eat too much and cut out we have so much "to do" when we get home with catching up on work, assignments, laundry and on that it can send our vacation zen into an anxious stressful mess.The Beauty Boost:We travel not to escape but for life not to escape us. Below you'll find tips and tricks from myself and others so you can get the most out of your spring + summer travel this year:) Enjoy!Packing Tips:Put your shoes in shower capsStart packing a few days prior and put items out as you think of them to avoid last minute stressGet free samples from Sephora and then wash the containers for face washes and lotions (I do this everytime I shop there)!Stick with blacks or browns so you can pack just one color shoes and jacketsPack a garbage bag for all dirty clothesPack zip lock bags for cell phones, jewelery etc. You'll always need them.Pack trail mix, apples, peanut butter & anything else you like to hold you over and avoid eating airplane foodGrab a pot holder for your curler/flat iron to pack even when it's hotUse a binder clip over a razor to protect the blade (or use a zip lock bag)Noise blocking earbuds are your friend.Pre Travel:Do all your dishes and laundry to avoid coming home to choresVacumm your floors and tidy your house/apt. for a peaceful entranceLook at your work schedule for when you get back and get items together so you aren't scrambling last minute. Ex. I always have my yoga classes planned out, work clothes laid out, etc.Fill up your car with a full tank of gas to ease into the week once backPack double of all toiletries into two separate bags like bobby pins, hair ties, q-tips, etc. This way you'll be pre-packed for your next trip!At your Destination:If staying at a hotel ro resort, leave the toothbrush and paste at home and ask the lobby for a free one.Bring instant oatmeal and use the coffee maker for a healthy + cheap morning breakfast.Pre-schedule your workouts...or pick adventurous things to do during your vaca and make that your workoutIf traveling for work in the U.S., think about signing up for Class PassIf at a hotel, use the gym for a HIIT workout in under 30 minutesPost Travel:Try to book one full day or at least a half day to be home and unwind before your next working dayGo straight to the grocery store before or after you unpack to set yourself up for the weekRight away, plan your workouts for the week to avoid slackingThrow that garbage bag of dirty clothes into the washerLysol your suitcaseIf you have some tips of your own send them my way:)PS If you're looking for some adventure we've got The Spring Retreat coming up June 3-5 (2 hours from Cbus; carpools available). Check out the details here.XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost