The Beauty Boost: Visions + Vodka


Glad you're here Gorgeous!

Today we are all about taking that clutter going on in your head and turning it into a Pinterest meets real life VISION BOARD.

All you need is a poster, stack of old magazines, scissors and glue. Get a group of 2-5 friends over for vino or Vodka (no ones judging you), put on Beyonce and start cutting out words + images that inspire you and make you feel good. This will start to depict what you value, your goals, your dreams. Try not to just cut material items like that cute new clutch or boho sweater.THE BEAUTY BOOST:"Where the mind goes, the body will follow."For a visual guide, see this videoFor more direction see this articleCheck out an example of one we made on our retreat!Note: There was definitely Vino involved.XOXO Rachel-The Beauty BarreShow us your boards on our Facebook page<3