The Main Thing I did to Design My Ideal Working Day


I often hear people saying they don't know what to do with their lives. Should they switch careers? Should they go back to school?

One of the most important tasks I did with my own life coach to this day was "The Perfect Day" exercise. This is such a strong tool which I'll explain in a second because it helps you hone in on the environment and type of schedule that allows you to thrive. Example: If you love freedom, working remotely and not having to answer to others THEN owning a physical store/yoga studio/brick n mortar would not fit with your ideal day.

The perfect day exercise allows you to really start to FOCUS on what is important to you and then build your career/passion project/side hustle around that. All you do is sit for a bit and visualize from the moment you wake up, to what you put on, where you go, who you interact with etc etc until the minute you go to bed. This isn't a perfect day in the life of a vacation but a working day. Then you write it out on paper.

The Beauty Boost: "And one perfect day can give clues for a more perfect life."

Here's some questions to get you started:

  1. Do you answer email right away? Do you pour coffee and sit on your porch? Do you hit an exercise class?

  2. Do you go into an office with flexible hours? Do you head to a coffee meeting? Do you sit on the beach with your laptop?

  3. What are you wearing? Yoga pants, hair in a bun no makeup? Tank, jeans red lipstick?

  4. What type of tasks and interactions do you have throughout the day? Does working solo make you lonely or help you thrive? Do you take phone calls, skype or work face to face with others?

This may all seem fairly simple but it's amazing how we don't pause and ask ourselves these questions and the clarity that can come from it. Feel stuck? Hit me up at <3

XO Rachel - The Beauty Boost