The Mid Year Check-In


Happy Monday!

As we chatted last week I threw out the ONE MONTH Journaling Clarity Challenge to myself and lots of you joined in. This week is about a mid-year check in and I really think journaling and checking in go hand in hand.

Your challenge is to revisit your NYE list, your mantra for the year, vision board or whatever tool/means you used in January. Your goals may have shifted but take a minute to pause, reflect and see if you're giving in to old habits or are still actively working on what you set out to do.

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney

These "goals" can be simple. We just left the summer retreat and tons of women expressed how great it was just to get back into time to read, time to unplug from technology, time to focus on being present, get back into developing their morning routine and on.

If you're struggling, shoot me an email:)

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost