The Mindset Shift


Today we are chatting on mindset shifts. We can do everything in our power to create a blissful day but shit will still fly at us. Things we cannot control. What we can control is our mindset and the more times we make these little shifts to steer our minds in a positive direction, the easier it becomes.

Here's a lil story on Stuart the Hound.

Two weeks ago Stuart got very sick out of nowhere. I thought he might die because he could barely lift his head so obviously I would do anything it takes to prevent that. This resulted in $1000.00 spent at the vet for NO answers. We still didn't know what was wrong but he went on antibiotics and IV and ended up recovering.

Spending this amount of money unplanned for no reason kinda made me sick to my stomach. But I decided to shift it by saying a prayer thanking God my precious dog didn't die. Thanked God for allowing me to have the financial security in my savings to draw from and to have a vet so close to my home. This left me feeling way better and I try to incorporate this little mental shift in all the crap that flies my way.

I can say it makes a world of difference. See how you can rework the story next time something hits you out of nowhere.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost