The Summer Retreat Takeaways


Hey Girl!

We just came off the Summer Retreat and Simi Botic led the coaching (who I friggin love).
She chatted through various sessions on perfectionism, a fixed mindset vs growth mindset and loads more. We broke up into smaller groups to chat more one on one then collectively chatted as a larger group.

What I always love so much about these kind of retreats + workshops is how much we all have in common. So many times we see someone and create a picture of what their life is like; never really knowing what they're going through.

We heard a lot of women share how they are people pleasers, bottle things in, worry their kids aren't getting enough attention, they're not personally doing ENOUGH, and so on. The point is a lot of us go through similar feelings and it's good to know we're not in it alone. That's all <3

Hope to see you at a future retreat, workshop or meetup! Grab the happenings below and be sure to check out Simi Botic if you haven't! She wrote this awesome book here.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost