The Women of Bali and my Experience


Everyone wants to know how one month in Bali went.

Was it the time of my life?

Am I all “Zen” now?

Here is my story.

  • 5 massages

  • 15 dragon fruit bowls

  • 2 facials

  • 5 sarong purchases

  • 100 cups of Bali coffee

  • 0 glasses of alcohol

  • 26 lunchtime swims

  • 1 mani/pedi

  • 2 amazing roomies

  • 1 month of perfect sleep

  • 100 downward facing dogs

  • 2 lizards pooping on me during meditation

  • 0 bites of meat

  • 3 resort escapes

  • 28 amazing women

It was hard and it was easy at the same time. The things that make us grow in life typically give us the most resistance.. Changing our comfort zones, what the world tells us we SHOULD be doing, listening to our intuition versus the voice that says to take the easier path, trusting ourselves, feeling good enough, releasing worry about the future, living in the present moment, understanding who WE are. It’s hard. It’s really f-ing hard.

The only job I really had was to do the “program.” I learned assisting techniques, breath work, meditation practices, asanas, mudras, bandhas, cueing styles, philosophy/history and on. I expected this.

What I didn’t expect was to meet 28 amazing women. To explore how people choose to live their lives so differently. To leave with true friends. The craziest part for me was how so many women didn’t have things figured out and weren’t in a panic or rush to have it figured out when it came to their next step with a job, life plan etc. They didn’t listen to their friends and family when they told them they were crazy for not going the traditional route. They listened to themselves, even if they weren’t yet sure who THEY were. They kept going. They moved forward.

These are the women of Bali:
*all names have been changed*

Alice: a Columbus Ohio native who moved to Nicaragua and now teaches yoga two hours a day 4 times a week at a resort. What’s she do with her many free hours of the day? She surfs, reads at the beach and explores. She’s also paid very well. THE LIFE..

Gabby: This chick lives in San Fran with her boyfriend and teaches yoga a couple times a week. She saved up and left her corporate job to explore her passion and see what she can do with yoga, planning retreats, her website and on.

Bridget: I spent many nights talking life plans with Bridget. She and I instantly clicked and she works for a Parks and Rec company in Missouri. They asked everyone to take a few months off work and resume back afterward.  When I asked if she was going to fill those months with a part-time side gig she said she was just going to use it to relax and spend time working on herself. I admire this.

Katie: Lovely Katie lives in Arizona with her boyfriend and subs classes each week. She’s recovered from alcohol addiction and now volunteers at a prison and teaches for the same rehab she once graduated from. She is strong.

Sammie: Sammie is older and wise. She spends a few months off per year and then lives in Mexico half the year doing massage at a resort. She found the resort online. They didn’t respond to her many emails and resume so she traveled to Mexico and asked to meet the owner to land herself the job! She is determined.

Callie: Hawaii living Callie moved there from Colorado after visiting friends. She does massage but hasn’t worked since March as she’s been traveling around the globe! I asked her what she’s doing after the training. She said probably going to Japan but who knows. She’ll start working again sometime by 2018. She is care-free.

Jules: Sweet Jules left the west coast and her job in radiology to move near Boston and help her grandma. She also disliked her job. She saved enough to not work for a while and is thinking of moving to Mexico or out of the country even though all her family has never left her hometown. She beats to her own drum.

Kim: This chick doesn’t have a home address. She’s lived on cruise ships running the guest experiences and creating the meals for the past five years! She goes from gig to gig. She doesn’t have anything lined up yet and isn’t worried. She’s looking to host a cruise trip retreat in the near future! I’m on board.

Becca: This chick lived the NYC life and now lives in LA. She’s working on a teen novel and it’s almost complete. She doesn’t yet know who her publisher will be or what will happen but she’s moving forward and not letting the unknown stop her.

Dana: This Norway native, kind soul visited a friend in Dubai after a breakup and ended up staying! She teaches yoga to private clients, one studio and is hooked up with hotels. She spends her weekend at the beach or on yachts relaxing with friends.

Lydia: She came to this training with a broken heart and left a bit more whole. After making some decisions in the relationship field that didn’t serve her she listed to her inner guide and got out. She starts a brand-new life in Abu Dhabi two days after we depart where she’ll be teaching first grade. She doesn’t really know anyone there nor has she ever taught this grade but instead of leading with fear she’s excited..and they are paying for all of her Ikea furniture so there’s that!

Gracie-This Australian came with so much maturity and positivity we couldn’t believe she was only 18! She wanted to skip the college route for a while and see what else laid ahead. She’s already obtained her 500YTT and came on her own.

Tracey-This Portland vibrant soul got hired on at the training program and is leaving her life to move to Bali in just a month or so!

Madeline-Fresh graduate out of college, this girl and I really connected. She talked about how most of her friends didn’t understand why she wasn’t just getting a job right away. They couldn’t relate. She talked about the absence of anyone in her generation being present and how much she wants to implement that in her life. She worked in real estate all summer to save up for Bali and is continuing her travels to Thailand and Paris. Job? She doesn’t know yet but isn’t worried.

Tonya-This tall, blonde LA resident just passed the bar exam (well, we hope. Results aren’t in yet). She came to this training not to teach as a yoga instructor but more for herself. Just because she wanted to. She starts work the week she returns!

Calley- This beautiful black haired woman was in Bali for two full months, completing her 200YTT right before our training. She was on a bit of a personal journey to remove some emotional scars, something we can all relate to. Her passion is meditation and she wants to take this into schools, those with PTSD and on.

Sarah-This energetic nutritionist and yogi told her job, “So I’m going to Bali for a month for yoga. If you need to fire me that’s fine.” She was going to the training job or not. Her job has led her to work in third world countries and she now lives in Canada.

Our Instructors and Assistants: These amazing people led us all to grow in our practice and to be better versions of our lives even though they were going through their own losses, struggles and working on themselves in the meantime. We are all grateful.

There were more women than those mentioned. Collectively I saw a group of gentle but strong women. There were many laughs and some tears. There was self-growth and overcoming past scars that keep us from propelling forward. There were some mended broken hearts and those still in the turmoil of love. There was kindness and compassion. There was connectedness.

This group contained 28 STRONG souls.

These are the women of Bali.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

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