This ONE thing is helping me RIGHT NOW


Hey girl!

My life has been in chaos recently.
Good chaos b/c good things happening but legite chaos.
I recently bought a house. And with this brought the chaos.
I didn't buy groceries for almost a month which meant I was eating out everyday b/c I was living out of two spaces during the move.
I didn't work out for a MONTH. That's a long time for me who typically does at least 4 times a week.

Once I got moved in I couldn't get out of my non-workout funk and overall not feeling settled. I was waking up at night with some anxiety and just feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my skin at times.

SO THIS ONE THING is so simple but it's the simple things we need.
I bought myself a monthly unlimited pass to a yoga studio down the street. This isn't that big of a deal BUT I haven't paid for classes as an instructor in YEARS. I have NEVER ONCE IN MY LIFE taken 6am classes until as of recent. But I've focused on my WHY.

I KNOW breathing + movement + having a morning routine like this will make me feel good. And it's 100% working.

If you are feeling in a funk, think of something that is SIMPLE but you know you need and just force yourself to do it.

That's it!
XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

Haley Guggenheim