This Shit Happened this Weekend


Hey girl!

Here's a quick story. This weekend we had a BIG event in a new city. We had chatted with the venue which was awesome on all details and "the plan." Well, we got to the venue on the morning of the event and shit hit the fan. Our event coordinator wasn't there, no one could get ahold of them and there were zero tables setup AND the venue didn't know where the tables were. We had two hours until 20+ vendors arrived and 300 women came through the doors. 

There were two people at the venue. 

Person one: Front desk. While she was a very nice person, she took zero action to help. We had to hand hold. We had to ask a lot of questions. She didn't apologize for the venue. She disappeared a lot. She didn't have solutions. (Insert me slamming my head against the wall)

Person two: The valet driver. THE VALET DRIVER people. He came up, made a joke to make us more comfortable, showed he understood how frustrating this scenario could be, worked to find random tables and chairs, told us he could figure out the AV if needed and on. He took action and was kind. 

This is life. Which person are you? Shit is thrown at us left and right. We can either sulk back or take action and make it light. We can make the best of situations. 

In the end, all worked out as it always does. 

The end.

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost