Time Saving Tips for Busy Lives

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Just when you feel like you've got a bit of life balance BOOM. Life is a hot mess again out of nowhere. But is it really out of nowhere? Every yes is a no to something else. The past two weeks I have been so slammed even Stuart the Hound is giving me the eye roll. So I met with a few women who gave me some great advice that I've begun to implement into my life. Some of these are "in the process" but here are some time saving tips as told to me.The Beauty Boost: "You can do anything but not everything."The Tips.1. Laundry/Dishes/Chores-I use to drive myself into a frenzy with the endless list of daily chores but my friend Nellie suggested I put aside ONE day of the week dedicated to myself. This day could be used for house chores, cleaning my car, hair appointment, errand running, etc. This seems so stupid and simple but it has been a game changer people. My special day is Friday. Basically what this does is leaves space in my head to not freak out when I see laundry piling up b/c I know it'll get done on Friday. This gives me more time in my week to do the real stuff.*I know a week day isn't realistic for everyone so maybe yours is 3 hours on Sunday evening. Just take your pick.2. Hire a virtual assistant. My friend has a virtual assistant that she sends projects to such as research, list making, etc etc. This may be more time consuming initially but just start off with small projects and keep building as trust builds. *This is great for someone with a side hustle or their own business BUT you can also utilize this if you need research for vacation booking, someone to book your online groceries for pick-up etc etc.3. Hire an intern/real assistant. I am in the PROCESS of this. This person (for me) would be a mix of personal help like errands, Stuart walks or daycare pickups, etc all the way to helping with The Beauty Boost items. Since I'm not a millionaire I'm starting small with just a few hours a week and building from there. This is a financial investment but when your schedule is killing your health, leaving you with lack of sleep and clutter in your mind then I think it's worth it.4. Set clear intentions for your week with your scheduler. Do not just go through the motions of your week. Pencil it in and work more efficiently. If you have blocked hours to work on ONE project then you'll be less likely to get distracted with IG scrolling. You'll work smarter.5. Make your Laptop your BFF. I said it before and I'll say it again. I take my laptop everywhere. I'm always early for things and all of those 15 minute increments build up so I clear out emails and little tasks during this time.More to come next time<3XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:*A Taste of Fitness Sampler #2: June 11 10am-11:30am. Limited to 120 spots.*The Summer Retreat Getaway: August 18-20. Hocking Hills. 6 spots left! Join our adventure<3*Summer Paddle Board Series is Here! June 4th. Grab it while it's hot.*1 on 1 Empowerment Sessions. Email rachel@thebeautyboost.net for details & to book.