Why You Should Use People & How To Start


I grew up with a single mom who did it all and still does. People sometimes ask me how many people are on my team and, beyond contractors for certain jobs, there aren’t people on my team.But lately I’ve been asking people for more help and it’s been not only helpful but fun!Here are some examples and why you should do the same whether it’s your personal or professional life because we can’t do it all.


  1. Volunteers—I realized people actually WANT to help so I am letting them! I’ll have volunteers at all of the larger events I put on.

  2. Bag Stuffing—I’m throwing a wine party at my house this year for awesome women to come, hang out and help me stuff bags unlike years past where it was just me and Stuart the Hound Dog (and he just kept hiding his bones in the bags so wasn’t that helpful…

  3. Borrow—If there is anything I need that I likely won’t use again I mass text out friends to see if they have it and I can borrow OR I ask the venue, etc.

  4. Retreats—sometimes I’ll ask someone with a special skill set to put something on at the retreat in exchange for a large discount so it’s part trade.

  5. Skills—Like me, I’m sure your friend group offer a nice range of skills. One of my friends is a photographer so I sometimes offer her free spots to things and have her snap pictures. One of my friends is very crafty and I have her help organize some of the craft portions of our events. One of my friends is good with finances and sells homes so you bet your butt I’m going to use her to buy my first home.

The Beauty Boost: "We rise by lifting others. "

Personal Life:

  1. Instead of spending an arm and a leg shopping when I don’t have time, my stylish friend Nicole brings me clothes for all occasions.

  2. Stuart the Hound—Instead of always relying on my dog watcher who is great but that can add up, I ask my neighbor to do a trade sometimes where I watch her dog and she watches mine.

  3. Family—Instead of Bday and Xmas gifts, I ask my younger sisters to help with house items, dog walks, etc.

  4. Hosting Parties—I do buy a good portion of items but to cut back a little I ask anyone coming to bring a bottle of wine or item of their choice to contribute.

Take a little time to sit down and think about your family members, friends, significant other, co-workers etc. Think about things you’d want to delegate out or what skill set your circle has and how you might be able to do a trade, ask for favors etc.

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

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