What I learned when I stopped Drinking


Drinking. The love hate relationship.

I’m going to share something pretty personal because I feel like this could help you too. Let me start by saying there is nothing (in my opinion) wrong with drinking alcohol if you are a responsible adult and know your limits, etc.That being said…I stopped drinking 6 weeks ago. I hadn’t gone a single week without a drink since probably high school so this is pretty big for me. Now, I’m not someone filling my water bottles up with vodka but I definitely like to have wine most nights to unwind, help me sleep etc. I also tend to drink over my limit when I’m out at a social event. I’m pretty small so it doesn’t take me much. About 6 weeks ago I had a really bad experience where I was sick the entire next day. There is nothing I hate more than being unproductive and I wasn’t able to do anything. Worse than that, I let my little sister down who I’d made plans with and I was suppose to have my best friend come into town and stay with me that evening. Again, I couldn’t get out of bed. I hated myself. It was at this point I told myself I am not drinking ever again until I get my life in order. And maybe I just won’t drink again period. Who knows. When drinking starts to interfere with your life and relationships that’s when it’s a real problem. While most people can go out and have a casual drink, I know that’s hard for me so it’s better to quit cold turkey than tempt myself.So far I’ve been on a few trips where we’ve been to breweries, bars etc and that’s been rough but I’ve felt a lot better about myself after. Each day you go gets a bit easier. The Beauty Boost:It’s ok to not be okay. It’s just not okay to stay there.   Here’s what I’ve learned so far in the 6 weeks I’ve stopped drinking:

  1. I sleep so much better which is nuts since I always drank wine at night thinking it would help me sleep.
  2. I’ve allowed myself to have dessert whenever I want to substitute not drinking.
  3. I never worry about having a hangover on the weekend so I’m able to schedule things early.
  4. I’m more productive.
  5. I feel healthier.
  6. I have more clarity.
  7. Not drinking really makes you deal with what you’re feeling because you can’t just escape or mask it. Dealing with things in your life is good..even when it doesn’t feel good at the time.
  8. It’s easier to order some type of drink when out at social situations than nothing at all such as soda water, coffee or tea. Servers may hate you but they’ll get over it.
  9. Our society doesn’t know how to act when you aren’t drinking. People will ask questions like if you mind if they drink in front of you and act kind of strange. You just have to get use to this.
  10. You need to be really firm with your friends when they tell you to just have one drink. Sometimes you have to be a bitch and just cut them off. They will get the picture.
  11. Your social life doesn’t have to end. You can still go out and be fun and have fun.
  12. You’ll make better choices.
  13. You’ll save money.

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