What I've Learned in Business So Far


Hey girl!

It's been a whirlwind of a week with work jazz.

2019 has been a kick in the ass in good ways + bad...but mostly good!

So the main thing I've learned in business so far is that you can plan and plan but things will have their own way of working out and you'll see people's true colors...the good and the bad. Overall, I've been blessed to have some amazing humans along my side. 

BUT what I wanted to share was some of my most disastrous moments with The Beauty Boost BUT how they all turned out okay in the end. There was ALWAYS good that came from each happening.

Our shit show problems but see how they turned out: 

1. The AV didn't work at one of our BIG Taste of Fitness events for the 1st year in that city and people were walking out of the room.    *I greeted each gal and sent them to get their manicures done while a kind studio helped me get a new music system setup that they just happened to bring!

2. There was broken glass under someone's yoga mat even thought we paid the venue a cleaning fee. *We took care of it, calmed the unhurt gal down and offered her some future tickets to events after apologizing. 

3. Our retreat cook texted me less than 24 hours of the weekend retreat she wasn't coming and didn't have any menu to send me. *Friends came over until 1am helping me chop and prep. 

4. Our big Taste of Fitness event contact didn't show up the morning of the event and they hadn't put out the vendor tables AND couldn't find the vendor tables. *The valet guy helped us get everything squared away even though he didn't even work for the hotel. 

5. We've had instructors no show for workshops + big events. **But people on our team stepped up and taught and didn't miss a beat. 

6. Our braid + nail bar didn't show up for a big event. **All attendees were sweet about it and great companies stepped up to offer later time sessions.

And just like that, when bad shit happens you see who steps up. You see the awesome people that help for no reason but just to be kind. Nothings in it for them. 

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost

Haley Guggenheim