What to do when you hate your Job

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I cannot count how many times a week I hear people talking about how they do not like their jobs, the culture, the work/life balance, etc. I also think we’re all the same. We all feel a little stuck and unsure on what that next move is. We no longer are really looking for more money or that promotion but, instead, work/life balance, freedom in our schedules, flexibility and on.


This weekend two girls asked me how I decided to make the leap to quit my corporate job. I’ve always been someone who has worked a job but still had other things on the side. I’ve found it important to have money (no matter how minimal) to be coming in through different avenues in case one thing didn’t work out.

The Beauty Boost: We are never Stuck.

I am not exactly where I want to be financially and in my career but it does feel good to know I am making choices each day in the right direction. Choosing to give notice to a job that had very good hours, great salary and benefits was not “easy” but I was so unhappy that that unhappiness outweighed the fear. And once you do make that leap (with a plan), it’s no longer that scary. You will figure it out.


Here is my quick advice if this is you.


  1. Create a plan. This is hard to do on your own. You probably know the answers deep down but talking it out is much easier. Find a life coach (if you need one let me know) or a business coach. Yes, this is an investment but it’s an investment for something that’ll pay off daily b/c it’s creating a new life for yourself. So stop eating out, save some money and do this.
  2. Once you have a bit of a plan in place (and it doesn’t have to be perfect or all set out), start mapping out ways you can make extra money. Examples: I teach fitness classes, help my friend with her nanny service and am working part-time for a company that aligns with all things healthy which are the same goals as my own business. My part-time job also supports me in my business which is so appreciated. I also am beginning to grow my own business financially. There is a whole world of things you can do out there like (gasp) waitressing, nannying, tutoring, editing, writing, graphic design freelance, virtual personal assistants, organizing for busy people and on. You can hustle and still do these things while you work a full-time job.
  3. Stop spending so much money. I still have a social life and go out to eat with friends etc but I spend money more on experiential things than on actual things.  Start asking yourself if you really need “it” verse want it. It gets easier with time. Example, I would much rather spend money on something like a retreat or weekend getaway with friends that will bump up my happiness and overall health than spending money at Target on new clothes and house hold goods that I do not need. Next, start looking at all your expenses and see what you can cut out. If you want to email me on this feel free. I love being cheap;)
  4. Set a timeline. Put together your internal plan of all of these steps and start working towards this. This will make you feel so much better even going into that job you hate if you know there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Lastly-tell people your plan. Do not hold this inside. It will feel weird at first. When you start telling your friends, spouse/bf, and family it becomes more real. Plus they’ll support you and things will start opening up.


Here’s one last example. My mom is always telling herself limiting beliefs and why things won’t work out. I love her more than anything but we are very opposite. Anyhow, she told me all of the reasons why she couldn’t get a job at her age, how she doesn’t have the energy to sit at a desk etc etc. (PS She has her masters degree and is literally one of the smartest people I’ve ever met). So she started randomly cleaning for someone which in a couple months time grew to over 40 clients a month. Now she can’t keep up and is always looking for great people to hire. She’s done no marketing and doesn’t even have a website or business cards.


Does she love the actual cleaning? Probably not. But she is constantly active and in great shape, creates her own schedule, done with her day by 1pm (hollerrrr) and is her own boss. She works 4 days a week. Plus she’s bringing in good money and I'm very proud of her. 


Hopefully this inspires you in some way to take some sort of action.


XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

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