What We Learned at our GOAL HIKING


Hey girl!

This past weekend we hosted our first Goal Hiking with 25 women and it was awesome!

My first life coach, Kim White, led the coaching segment of this. She actually helped me create The Beauty Boost back in the day. The coaching inspiration came from the popular book out right now called, "Girl Wash Your Face." Kim led us through 7 steps that I'm sharing with you below. Enjoy!

(Start by figuring out ONE goal you want to work on for the next 90 days) *Don't pick more than this or you'll set yourself up for Netflix binge nights with no real productivity.

Step 1: Visualize. Visualize every single detail down to what you're wearing when you achieve that goal.

Step 2: Use the language "I am" instead of "I want this" or "I hope this happens" etc.

Step 3: You need to create a PLAN/roadmap. Create 30/60/90 day map and have fun with it! This isn't forever!

Step 4: What are the negative thoughts you're telling yourself? Then how can you rework that language? **Inner talk is HUGE**

Step 5: Go all in. (Kim added the word Go All In, DAMNIT). Really stick with it. Commit. Follow through for YOURSELF. Be dependable.

Step 6: Believe this goal is going to change your life. **It won't always be fun but focus on the outcome and your why.

Step 7: Check in with yourself. *Maybe every Sunday you check in. Be realistic. Some weeks you may be jam packed and only get a little done whereas the following week you carve out extra time to get caught up.

THE BEAUTY BOOST: "Great things never came from Comfort Zones."

Other Key Takeaways from our group:

  • When you lose steam go have some FUN. Take a break.

  • When you accomplish a goal it motivates you to accomplish another goal.

  • You gotta say no to certain things but focus on what you're saying YES to.

  • When others realize you're committed to yourself, they're more likely to watch what you say and believe in you.

That's all I got. Let me know if you're feeling stuck or if this helped <3

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost