What's Keeping you from Making the Decision


Hey girl!

I listened to a really great message over the weekend on anxiety + decision making. 

The guy giving the talk discussed how much he has to get done in a week and there literally aren't enough hours.  It's giving him panic attacks and major anxiety. He's a public speaker for a living. His counselor asked him if he was given 10 minutes to prepare, could he give a great speech?

The guy said no because he'd spend that 10 minutes trying to decide what subject to talk about. THEN the light bulb went off. He realized his anxiety is coming from his inability to make a decision.

Can you relate b/c I sure can?! We spend so much time worrying about which decision is the RIGHT one. Should I date this guy? Should I marry him? What direction should I take my business in next year? Should I keep teaching yoga? Should I rent or buy a house? What should I be doing with my money? And on and on. 

The speaker talked about how we should typically go with the answer that SEEMS RIGHT but...you have to ensure you're in a good spot to do this. That means you are surrounding yourself with the RIGHT PEOPLE whose morals + values align with yours. If you're spiritual you're maybe praying on it. Basically you aren't just hanging with folks who will push you in the WRONG direction. 

I think there will always be a level of "What If" but all we can do is use the tools we have to make the best decisions possible and then be okay with that. AND KNOWING THAT helps to ease anxiety:)

XO Rachel- The Beauty Boost

Haley Guggenheim