When you want a NEW career

Untitled design (3)Sooo.Literally every other day people are telling me the same exact things. It use to be once in awhile but it's so consistent now that it's really making me think.The Beauty Boost: You are Never Stuck. I'm hearing from you that:1. You're unhappy in your career. Maybe you use to love it and it changed. Maybe you never loved it. Either way...unhappy.2. You feel stuck and don't know what to do. You're on your own without a second income or you're scared to put that burden on your partner.3. You're worried about what family/friends will think if you leave a solid career. How will I get health insurance? What about my retirement + 401K?I don't have all of the answers but I do know more and more of us are feeling this way. There's a simple quote that says, "we are never stuck." I remind myself of this often and you can tell yourself this as well. You can take baby steps. Here are just a few suggestions if this pertains to you.1) Start journaling and asking yourself the questions. What are aspects of your job you like? What are things that are absolutely non-negotiable?2) What kind of budget can you actually live on?3. Note. You can get health insurance on your own and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you need a contact reach out to me. The most I've ever paid is $250/month.4. You can invest your own money through companies like Vanguard who have people who will help you and it's fairly simple.5. Feeling Stuck. This is the hardest part. I find that once we begin talking about it we typically have the answers or begin the plan to become unstuck. Fear usually just holds us back.PS If you're looking for a one on one Empowerment Session over coffee feel free to shoot me a note at rachel@thebeautyboost.net. You can book one session or a package of three <3XO Rachel-The Beauty BoostCOMING UP:1. Taste of Fitness Sampler Edition #2: Sunday, June 11th. Registration opens this week!2. The Summer Retreat August 18-20th at Hocking Hills is Open!3. Taste of Fitness Cleveland July 16...registration opening soon. Spread the word to your Cleveland Friends;)4. Our Summer Board + Brunch + Yoga series will be opening soon as well. Stay tuned.