Why this 1 Easy Challenge has Huge Benefits for your Health


Ringing in the new year is full of possibilities. That’s why we’ve dedicated the month of January to the theme: REFRESH. Whether it’s a recipe, challenge, workout, or mantra-we will embrace this “Refreshed” feeling for the next 31 days so get excited!!

Week 1: For the next 7 days JUST say thank you.

Receive a compliment. Sounds simple huh? This one little step has the ability to completely change the negative way we think about ourselves. Think about how many times a friend, stranger, significant other, or family member compliments you on…your hair, new clutch, toned arms, your decorating style, and on. Is your first reaction to say thanks followed by a negative remark?

Here are some examples:

Coworker: Cute boots!

You: Oh, thanks! I’ve actually had these for like 4 years…they’re so old!

'Significant Other: You look beautiful babe!

You: Uhh thanks. I feel fat, I hate my hair tonight and I had nothing to wear.

So you get the idea here. We all catch ourselves doing this. But what if we were to stop after “thank you.”

I’ve practiced this for a year and I can say it truly changes the way I think and view myself. I have a much healthier relationship with my body and my mind.

Try it. The impact it has may just surprise you.

XOXO The Beauty Barre