Why You Should Know what Drives You


I love knowing what drives people and it’s important we ask ourselves these questions as well. It’s important so that we know what propels us forward and we can align our lives accordingly.

The Beauty Boost:

“Passion is Oxygen for the Soul."

Some examples:

If feeling a sense of purpose and that I’m making a difference within my job is what fuels me then I’m not going to apply for a job based on salary as my driving force. (Yes-we all want more money)

If feeling strong and good in my skin is what’s important in my workouts I’m going to try and stir that up when I feel like lounging around watching Netflix to move me to leave my house and take a fitness class. I’m also not going to focus on numbers on a scale but more so how I feel post class.

If work life balance is a driving force and what’s most important to me because I want to spend adequate time with my friends, dog and loved ones then I may decide to not pick up that side freelance gig that would suck up most of my available time.

The idea is we stop just going through the motions. We pause. We come back to what drives us to make the best decisions for our lives that we can. Take some time to be still and think or even journal what your driving forces are;)

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XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost


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