WTF is Time Blocking + How to do It


Hey girl.

The concept that we are in control of our time can sound foreign at seasons in our lives. There are days/weeks and sadly months that can escape us. We wake up, do the things we gotta do, run to work and the day is over. Sometimes we make to-do lists and by the end of the day our list is LONGER than when we began.

What to do what to do you ask? Oh good. I'll tell ya.

Applying a productivity changing principle to your daily "get shit done" list is this: TIME BLOCKING.

I am not an expert and every day doesn't go perfect to plan. But here is what it is and what you can try too.

Time-blocking is essentially organizing your day in a series of time slots. Instead of writing a to do list, try a time blocked approach where each gap of time is dedicated to a certain category or task.

This crazy simple concept allows you to see where you're being unrealistic about your time and to stay focused and not skip from thing to thing (like I do).

Here's an example of a day this week I'm trying out:

9am-11am: Teach Yoga + Shower

11:30am-1:30pm: Work on Membership

130-230pm: Social posts and scheduling

2:30-4:15pm: Emails and messages

41;5-6pm: workout or walk the dog; something active

6-7pm: Hit any last minute items and create schedule for next day.

Now look at the hot items below. They're for you.

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