If You've ever Struggled to make a Change...this is for you.


Remember that time you complained about a situation in your life or something you wanted but you did nothing about?

I hear so many women (myself included from time to time) talk about how they want X, Y, Z but then they don't want to make any sacrifices b/c they are cozy where they're at. They're also unhappy.

Two Quick Examples:

  1. One beauty booster was in her early 30s with two kids. She was a doctor and her husband was a lawyer. She was upset she only saw her kids 1 to 2 hours a day in the evenings. I mentioned looking into going part-time and offered some other options. Her only response was but then they wouldn't be able to keep their current lifestyle and their nice home.(This situation will stay the same unless she's willing to sell the home they're rarely in and cut back on some indulgences to get out of life what's really important: Family and Experiences)

  2. One beauty booster is always complaining about her job. When anyone offers any options or suggestions she says she'll never be able to make the same amount of money she does now with the hours she has.(This situation will also remain exactly the same until she begins to dive in to exploring other jobs that likely can pay what she's making or be open to another job with less pay requiring her to budget differently but be happier in the end game)

The Beauty Boost: "Remember. To create change, you have to be willing to give up something to get something."

These two situations may seem so simple as we read them on "OTHER" people but these are the little mind sets that hold us back in a permanent way.

I challenge you to look at your life in certain areas and begin to ask yourself some questions to see how you can get unstuck to create needed change if it applies to you. <3

XO Rachel-The Beauty Boost

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