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Hilary Moses

Name & tell us about you:
Hey y’all! I’m Hilary, I’m 27 and have been in Columbus for 7yrs now. I’m engaged and currently planning my wedding for fall of this year which is taking up a good amount of my free time. I love going to sports games, a good happy hour or brunch, and exploring all the fun things in Columbus! 

Recommended book and brief why:
honestly I’ve been slacking big time with all the travel I’ve been doing I haven’t completed an entire book all year 🤦🏼‍♀️
Favorite podcast:
The Skinny Confidential! Then not educational but fun: LadyGang, Bitch Bible, and Guys We F****d

Best grocery or meal prep tip: 
We recently started using Clicklist at Kroger and it’s a GAME CHANGER! We’ve saved money, time, and the temptation from grabbing bad foods lol.
Any awesome events coming up we should know about:
Yoga on the Roof with Amanda Snavely at BrewDog Franklinton (she has 2 different dates in June) and PRIDE! I’m actually walking in this year’s parade and I’m so pumped!

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
I just joined my first yoga studio and I’m obsessed! I go to the new Brewery District location (next door to AOH ha!) Krysta is my favorite instructor
How do you stay organized:
Google Calendar saves my life

Favorite quote or mantra:
“Don’t feel guilty doing what’s best for you” and “when you feel good about yourself, everything else changes”

Best time savers:
As stated before Clicklist for sure, prepping as much as I can when I get home from grocery (chopping, marinating, thawing, etc), returning emails/phone calls to family while walking to get exercise 

Favorite local hangout (restaurant, bar, recreation):
I’ve been obsessing over Nate’s Steamed Bagels food truck (outside AOH/GoYoga Brewery on weekends), Leo’s on Campus (shows Bachelor & Bachelorette every Monday with super cheap deals), and DK diner is one I always forget about but everytime I go it’s so so good!