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June Week 4

Feature: Jennifer Jones

Theme: “Choosing Happiness!”

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Jones. I am an Access Bars Practitioner and the founder of Ego Sum (I am). Seven years ago I had major depression and didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't know why I was alive but I knew that something had to change! Meditation and self inquiry were the first steps on my spiritual deep dive, which led me on a very potent exploration of the parts of myself that for so long I had forsaken. What I've learned since then (along with other things) is that happiness is a choice we each make in every moment of every day! Even though I'm not perfect, I choose to live my life intentionally and to make happiness a priority, regardless of my circumstances! I am grateful to be alive and I find joy in the simple things now because I know that life doesn't have to be complicated to be fulfilling. I hope that this week I contribute something of value to your life as I share what I've learned on my path to choosing happiness!

Day 1

Day 1-Awareness

“Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you.” Deepak Chopra

Happiness is a choice made moment by moment, not a destination to reach one day in the future. A key ingredient to choosing happiness is awareness. Without awareness one cannot grow because they continue to make the same choices as they have in the past, keeping them stuck in a never ending pattern of insanity. By becoming aware of the choices one makes and what those choices create in their life, they have the opportunity to create something different simply by making different choices. For example, if someone cuts me off while I'm driving, I can get upset and react, or I can take a moment and become aware that I have the opportunity to choose something different.

Six years ago is when I started becoming more aware of my thoughts and choices. After battling with major depression throughout most of my life, I finally came to a breaking point where I knew something had to change! At the time, my thoughts consumed me with all of the criticism and judgements I had bought about myself and others. Then something divinely synchronistic happened, I decided to start college. I had always known that I wanted to get a college degree but I didn't know why. Little did I know that during my first semester, I would take a course that would introduce me to meditation. Mediation (along with other benefits) allows one to see that thoughts are not who they are, and that many times thoughts are lies that the mind creates to try and protect them. By practicing meditation regularly I've been able to become more aware of my thoughts and the choices that are creating my life! There are many ways to raise one's awareness besides meditation, including yoga, mindfulness practices, and my current favorite, Access Bars sessions (which releases limiting beliefs from the mind). Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like details about anything I've mentioned today!

How can you become more aware of the choices that are creating your life?

Day 2

Day 2- Beyond Judgement

What if you could be happy every moment of your life? Do you believe that's possible? Would you choose it?

The truth is that many of us are not conscious enough to be aware of every single choice we make. Sometimes we fall back into unconscious patterns that were programed into us long ago. If you're anything like me, you've judged yourself and others around you for doing this.

Building off of yesterday's topic of awareness, if someone cuts you off while you're driving, you have the choice to go into reaction and judgement or to choose happiness and not be affected by the actions of the other driver. Awareness allows you to choose beyond judgement. Remember that we are each human, so be aware when you're judging yourself for judging and show yourself some compassion. In these moments I try to acknowledge the changes that have occurred and how far I have come to divert myself from going into judgement. The goal is progress, not perfection! On the same note, allowing yourself to be just as you are naturally allows others to do the same, and as you judge yourself less you will be in less judgement of others as well.

A few quotes to ponder as you go about your day, the first from the founder of Access Consciousness and the creator of the Access Bars, Gary Douglas:

"Every judgement keeps anything that doesn't match that judgement from showing up in your universe."

And a quote by one of my favorite poets, Rumi:

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."

How happy would you be if you chose beyond judgement? Where can you apply this to your life today?

Day 3

Day 3-Choice

Each of us have the option of choice, but the question is do you choose consciously?

With the power of choice you create your life. Your life is the way it is because of the choices you've made. If you want something different to show up then you get to make different choices. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes you have unconscious tapes playing in your subconscious mind that lead you to create choices based on limiting beliefs from your past. A great example of a limiting belief is "You have to work hard for money". If you were taught this growing up (and chose to believe it), chances are likely that your choices led you to a life of working hard for money. In order to make choices based on infinite possibilities (what's actually available) instead of limiting beliefs (what your mind tells you is available), you must make conscious choices.

Is there something specific that you'd like to change in your life? Focus on becoming more aware of the choices you make regarding that area of your life. "Why are you choosing this instead of that?" and "What will this create in my life?" are great questions to ask yourself! By asking questions and choosing consciously, you will start to see changes in that area of your life! There are many ways to create beyond limiting beliefs, although Access Bars is my favorite way because of how quickly and effectively I see changes in me and my clients! Please reach out to me if you have any question of today's topic or if you'd like more information about Access Bars.

Are you choosing from possibilities or limitations? 
What choices will you be more conscious of today? 
What are those choices creating in your life?

Day 4

Day 4-Infinite Possibilities!

In a world of infinite possibilities what will you choose?

For my theme this week I chose to focus on happiness because that is what resonates with me but you can choose anything that you would like! If joy, love, peace, or something els is what you prefer, then choose that! I invite you to get clear about what you do want and start making choices accordingly. You don't need anyone's permission and your life doesn't have to look like anyone else's, you're free to choose ANYTHING!

Also, I encourage you to look at the people you surround yourself with. Do they inspire you to be all that you want to be or do they hold the walls up to the prison you keep yourself in? Something I've learned on my journey is that the more I'm willing to let go and step out in faith, the more I am supported in my choices. This includes people in my life who do not contribute to my happiness and growth quickly falling away so that new people who are in alignment with what I'm choosing may enter.

If you knew that you had endless options before you and you would be supported no matter what you created, what would you choose?

Day 5

Day 5-Taking Action!

Thank you for joining me this week as I shared my perspective on choosing happiness! Awareness, choice, moving beyond judgement, and infinite possibilities all play a part in the big picture of being more conscious about what is creating our life. The conversation about choosing happiness does not end here, in fact I invite you to continue the talk in your everyday interactions and to make choices that are in alignment with what you would like to create! I am sharing an interview I did this week on the topic of choosing happiness. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or if I may support you in any way!

If you're interested in finding out more about Access Bars and how it can support you in choosing happiness or something else you desire to change in your life, please PM me. If you mention EveryDay Inspired, you'll receive 10% off of your introductory session!

It's been an honor and a pleasure sharing with you this week. Thank you Rachel Kerr for the opportunity! Have a wonderful day and weekend ladies!!!