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June Week 2

Feature: Hannah Sermons

Theme: “Living Naturally”

Hi! My name is Hannah Sermons. I am a single mom to two little babes, Alivia who is three and Nathaniel who just turned one this past April. When I am not wrangling my kiddos I am formulating recipes and testing them out for my business, Liv Naturally Co. I started my company in 2018 after struggling for years to find trustworthy all natural, and organic products for my family and I to use. I now make and sell all natural, organic beauty, health, & household products for all to use.

Day 1

Hi Guys! My name is Hannah Sermons, the owner of Liv Naturally Co. I am looking forward to connecting with you all over the next week.

If you caught Rachels introduction post on Saturday, you saw that I created my business Liv Naturally Co in 2018. It all began when I became pregnant with my daughter in 2015, I started to reevaluate everything from my face wash to what I was heating my food in. I started with my beauty routine, throwing all of my Clean & Clear and Mary Kay away.

I later began making my own personal products after searching for honest, organic ones on the market. The problem was I could not find a single one that was in my price range, that did not contain any toxins. After seeing the results from my own products first hand. I began giving them to family and friends as gifts, they then started to ask for them as they ran out! Here I am four years later, formulating my own recipes and shipping my products nationwide.

However it goes so much deeper than just clean beauty products. I have changed my diet, the clothes I wear, the medicine I take. I am proud to say that I am the healthiest mentally and physically that I have ever been in my adult life. It has been a long road, and I am continuously learning how to better my life from the inside out.

So how do you start? Where do you begin? It all seems so overwhelming. This week I will dig deeper into my own journey and share my knowledge with you all, on how you can Liv Naturally too.

Follow along this week to be entered to win $15 shop credit to Liv Naturally Co.

This is a photo of my daughter, Alivia aka Liv.

Day 2

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am back to dive into the topic at hand, natural living.

As stated yesterday I started down this path in 2015 with nixing my entire beauty routine, throwing literally all of it away. So let’s start with ingredients to avoid completely! If you haven’t heard of Crunchi, it is an all-natural beauty product brand specializing in makeup! They have actually formulated the only mascara that I do not have a reaction too. Anyways their team created a list of ingredients that are harmful to your body, it’s called the “Black List”. I will post a link to it in the comments, you can check out your face wash or body lotion ingredients list to see if any of the black listed ingredients are in there!

Bisphenol A (BPA), - “A plasticizer in polycarbonate plastic that can be used to package cosmetic products. BPA may leach from the plastic into the product we apply on our skin. The FDA has banned BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, and in the packaging for infant formula based on some evidence of its effects on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in fetuses, infants, and children at current human exposures to Bisphenol A”.

Phthalates – “A large group of chemicals, including dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), diethyl phthalate (DEP), dimethyl phthalate (DMP), and butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP). DBP, DEHP, and BBP are banned in the European Union from use in cosmetics due to their potential to disrupt the endocrine system and cause birth defects. DEP is commonly used as a fixative in synthetic fragrances. The research on DEP is less conclusive but there is some evidence that it may interfere with the normal function of the endocrine system and cause birth defects in animals. “

Synthetic Fragrances – “Are chemical mixtures used in cosmetic products to create or mask a specific scent. The FDA does not require the disclosure of individual ingredients used to create fragrances. Many ingredients of fragrances are associated with contact allergy and may contain diethyl phthalate (see Diethyl Phthalate).”

I now avoid these ingredients completely, these are just some of the major toxic ingredients that are in a ton of mainstream beauty products and maybe even your food! If you check out the “Black List” you will be shocked at other harmful ingredients that are in your products. It will leave you wondering why ANY of these ingredients are in these items.

The CDC listed Cosmetology as one of the many occupations where workers are at risk of being exposed to harmful ingredients. Contact dermatitis is one of the most common types of occupational illnesses, with an estimated $1 billion + costs. We are putting these harmful ingredients directly onto our skin, and potentially into our body through skin absorption! If the people producing these items, have to wear hazmat suits why are we putting these ingredients directly onto our skin?

Our skin is our largest organ! By avoiding these ingredients, you are not directly putting these chemicals onto your skin and potentially into your body. If you know better you do better, just a few years ago I was using products with the above ingredients in them and more! I was suffering from debilitating anxiety, depression, fatigue, weight gain, etc. Until I took my health into my own hands, and got rid of ALL unnecessary chemicals and kicked their nasty side effects to the curb. So take a look at your medicine cabinet, review the back of your face wash! You can start small, with just your daily use products, or clean up your whole beauty routine.

Whether you are just starting your journey or are already using reusable food wrap I hope these posts inspire you in some way. We can all learn from each other one way or another, so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to post below! Feel free to message me directly whether it through my personal facebook page or business. :)

Tomorrow I will be posting a video of my medicine cabinet. So you can check out some of my favorite clean switches that I have made myself. Do you have any favorite clean beauty brands?

Day 3

Hey guys! I am not a vlogger, by any means but I wanted to go through some of my clean beauty swaps. Bear with me through this video, it was literally the hundredth take after I took a perfect one but Instagram deleted it. 😭

I’d love to hear your feedback or any clean beauty suggestions! 🙂 I’ll post some of the links to these products in the comments.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the video.

Day 4

Detoxing is all the latest rage! I am sure you all have heard all about the latest ways to detox your body! So I am here today to explain a little bit about it, and how you can do it without spending hundreds.

There are four ways that pollutants/toxins (anything) can enter your body, through inhalation, skin absorption, ingestion and/or injection. Once a chemical is absorbed into the body, there are three possible processes: metabolism, storage, and excretion. Some chemicals are metabolized or transformed via chemical reactions in your body. In some cases, chemicals are distributed and stored in specific organs. Storage can reduce metabolism, increasing the persistence of the chemicals in the body. The excretory mechanisms (exhaled breath, perspiration, urine, feces, or detoxification) can rid the body of chemicals naturally.

We are exposed to a plethora of chemicals, heavy metals and toxins daily, from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the lotion we put on our face. While our body is capable of detoxing itself, it might need a little push! There are many unhealthy components that could cause a build up of these toxins in our body, such as chronic stress, poor diet, lack of physical activity, etc. These factors can make it harder for our body to remove the toxins!

Drinking lots of water, exercising often, and having a healthy diet are key. The best way to help reset your body is to live a healthy lifestyle! Cleaning up your beauty routine will also help to reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to!

Now to get to the fun part, I will post a few of my favorite detox recipes! It is important to use organic ingredients to draw out the toxins instead of putting more into your body. You will probably be a bit stinky during this process, but that's how you know its working!

Detox Bath Recipes:

Detox Pit Recipe:

Detox Lemonade Recipe:

Since detoxing my body, I no longer use body soap or deodorant! I do detox baths at least once a week. It helps keep everything flowing, and it just makes me feel good.

Day 5

I have enjoyed the past week, I love sharing my knowledge and connecting with like minded people. Thank you all for following along. I figured I would end the week with some eco-friendly tips, and safe home swaps! I wish I had more than five days, I am so passionate about living naturally. I have seen how it has changed mine and my family's life. I hope these posts have helped you as well.

If you caught Tuesdays post you saw the "Black List" containing harmful ingredients that are not only in your mainstream beauty products but also in items that you use throughout your home.

What do you use to store your food? A lot of people use plastic containers, even if they are BPA free they are still potentially releasing harmful toxins into your food! I have completely switched to pyrex, they are sturdy glass containers. I am all about saving time so I will heat the food up in the container then use that same container to eat out of! So much less dishes, it's life changing. I also usually get my pyrex at Marshalls, for half the price another win!

An eco-friendly kitchen swap is reusable food wrap! I hate single use plastic, after seeing all the garbage washed up on the river bank one day I vowed to limit my usage. I actually sell the same wraps that I use at home. They come in three sizes, 8 X 8, 12 X 12, and 14 X 14. I use them for everything from a half of a apple, to the leftover casserole, to a quarter of watermelon. They are so convenient, and they last about six months or so with proper care. I just wash them off with the dishes and put them back in the drawer.

What do you use to clean with? Have you read the warning labels on the back of Comet or Windex, yikes! You are breathing in these harmful chemicals, potentially even getting them on your skin, and furthermore into your bloodstream. I have made the switch to white vinegar, I clean everything from the kids toys to the shower with this stuff. I sometimes add a little bit of tea tree oil and baking soda for the toilet, and shower to get a really deep clean.

These are just a few simple eco-friendly, safe switches! A couple other ways I have reduced my single use plastic waste is by switching to reusable water bottles (glass or stainless steel), reusable straws (my favorite is bamboo).

I have also became a plant mama, not only are they pretty but plants are really good for our bodies. Did you know indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health. And the average person spends 90% of their time indoors! But these little guys act as a natural air filter. Some of the best plants for air purification are snake and spider plants (no actual animals included ;) ).

What are you doing to lessen your carbon footprint? How are you living naturally at home? I would love to hear about your story below.

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