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July Week 2

Feature: Lauren Steele

Theme: “Building confidence from the INSIDE- OUT”

Hi! I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I earned a degree in Exercise Physiology from OU in 2017. After graduation, I moved to Columbus away from family and friends to start a life for myself- one that I could be proud of. I started a job in corporate fitness and after 3.5 years of experience in personal training, realized I could have a bigger impact and help more people with my own platform. I quit my full-time job, took a leap of faith, and started my own company. This is when "Body of Steele", an all encompassing small group training program, was birthed.

I am passionate about helping busy women realize their full potential by creating a lifestyle they can maintain and enjoy. "Body of Steele" includes time-efficient workouts with a combo of cardio, strength, nutrition changes, and building self-confidence from the inside-out. My workouts offer challenges but once you get through them, you feel like you can accomplish anything. This goes for anything in life. Some days are tough, but they don't last. Plus, you have a community of women to support you along the way. We are stronger together!

In my free time, I enjoy finding a wine bottle with a cool label, discovering the best new IPA, journaling, being a “foodie” around Columbus, working out, cooking new yummy meals, and visiting Whole Food way too often.

I would love to connect with you all. Feel free to contact me at and/or @body_of_steelee on Instagram!

Day 1

Day 1 • Self-Love, Self-Care, and Work/Life Balance ☀️

How do you speak to yourself? Often, the root obstacles to self-love can be detected ASAP with just a few simple affirmations.

For instance, you might try on the belief, “I am not enough.”

How does that feel when you affirm that as true?

What about the opposite? “I AM enough.”

How does that feel to try on?

Internally, how are you evaluating yourself?

Try on any belief and see what sticks:

“I am confident. I am strong. I am capable. I am intelligent. I am beautiful. I am worthy of love and respect.”

Humble? Not the braggadocios type?

Awesome. (No need to declare any of this out loud! 🤣)

Are there any statements that resonate... or do not?

If some affirmations do NOT ring true... what are you telling yourself instead?

“I am NOT confident, strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, worthy of love and respect?”

This is silent work—the inner work of self-inquiry and ultimately, inner harmony.

Notice if negative self-talk is radiating from within.

If so, consider doing yourself a giant favor and treat YOURSELF as you would a good friend: meeting your own self with kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

It is hard to give to others what we do not have for ourselves.

Give yourself the gift of being on your own team.

None of us are perfect, but all of us are worthy of our own patience and self-respect.

Notice any blocks that may be your own creation—and thus something you can consciously eradicate as well! 😀

What are some of your most empowering affirmations or self-beliefs?

Practice makes (practically) perfect!


Day 2

Day 2 • Self-Love, Self-Care, and Work/Life Balance ☀️

One of the most blatant and inspiring quotes that helped me along the path of wellness and entrepreneurship was simply:

“Make a list of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.”

Seeing the big picture AND taking on myriads of menial details are both essential: what lights you up?

How can you best integrate your life’s work with your daily obligations?

Sometimes simply reflecting can point us on the right path to better work/life balance and self-care during the process! 🤗♥️✨

Day 3

Day 3 • Self-Love, Self-Care, and Work/Life Balance ☀️

Another key I highly recommend to getting tasks accomplished while maintaining a great attitude: having flexible goals.

Sometimes life is happening on the fly—and a little wiggle room never hurts!

Little steps are still progress.

Instead of setting rigid goals each week, see if you can’t achieve the same goals in a more relaxed state of mind.

I.E. Instead of NEEDING to go to a 5:00 pm class on Tuesday night—maybe you set a goal of taking a similar class SOMETIME during the week.

Maybe your days don’t pan out EXACTLY how you planned—but still you can reach your goal that week, even if not precisely as envisioned.

Having a stable foundation and game-plan is epic.

Giving yourself some breathing room and freedom to course correct while living out your intentions can vastly improved the quality of work/life balance! 😊🌿✨

Day 4

Day 4 • Self-Love, Self-Care, and Work/Life Balance ☀️

Another aspect of taking care of yourself, getting to know and respect yourself, your goals, your dreams...

Whatever it is you aim to manifest in your life—knowing the root motivations of your actions and desires can be a refreshing wake up call to living life more authentically: oriented in the present moment while looking ahead to future dreams.

For me, the greatest motivation driving along the path of entrepreneurship is freedom.

The freedom to live a life we thoroughly enjoy—a life we look forward to awaking and living vibrantly, the freedom to create a schedule that best supports yourself or your family—the freedom to ethically make money while being of service to others.

Getting clear can be a great refresher: what are your greatest dreams and goals?

How far away are you from achieving them?

What will it take for them to be “complete” for you?

What steps will you take to conquer your greatest goals?

Happy fourth 🇺🇸♥️✨—enjoy and celebrate the freedom to move forward, fresh: any moment you choose to pivot your focus.

Day 5

Day 5 • Self-Love, Self-Care, and Work/Life Balance ☀️

Another obvious game changer that amplifies your power when consistently put into practice: sleep.

Good old sleep. Ariana Huffington has a quick and brilliant TED Talk called: How to Succeed? Get More Sleep—I highly recommend giving it a listen.

To stay balanced, resting (guilt-free) is an essential piece of the equation.

Whether that looks like reading, writing, Netflix chilling, meditating, or flat out sleeping: make sure to prioritize time "off" when you get a chance.

I.E. After years of teaching strength-based fitness classes, cycling, hot power yoga, on the go, racing, running, "busy", always...

Someone finally asked me about yin: you know, the complementary counterbalance to a life of (even good) stress, stress, stress, heat, and intensity.

All someone had to ask was, "So when do you take time to do the opposite? Cool down, stretch, relax, rest, and reset?"

I saw immediately how imbalanced it was to deplete my energy so constantly, not adequately taking the time to keep myself charged up.

Very rarely did I prioritize intentional pausing. I almost always had "just one more thing" I could have been accomplishing during the downtime.

Phases of rest are the secret sauce to replenishing your metaphorical cup, like the drawing back of a bow.

As you pull back to reflect, you can still have your eye on the target, problem solving your way to your next move.

From improving your immune functioning to helping your concentration, from better moods and more emotional stability... sleep is an obvious game changer that in our fast paced world often becomes an interesting bragging point.

"I NEVER sleep." "I only need three - four hours max, I swear."

If you're human and looking to thrive: start with simple solutions.

Keep on taking care of yourself as you continue to grow into the best version of YOU. ☺️❤️✨