Breanna Stewart

Name & tell us about you:
Hi my name is Breanna and I am a beauty youtube and inspirational blogger Simplycurlybre. I love using my platfrom to help encourage other women and promote a self loving life stye. Embracing who you are is important and it allows you to understand your self worth. 

Favorite podcast:
One of my favorite podcast is called H.E.R Space. The I love this podcast and Dr. Dominique Broussard is a college professor and Terri Lomax is a motivational speaker. Both of them together created a platform where they discuss how to stay on the right path and stay encouraged.

Best grocery or meal prep tip: 
A good meal prep tip that I use is choosing a dedicated day to plan and do all of your meal prepping for the week. My day was dedicated to Sundays. After prepping your meal another important tip is paying attention to your portion sizes and using the right containers that can be freezable or reheatable.

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
The most recent online workout class that I have taken is the Noelle’s 6 week leg and glute challange. On Noelle’s website she has plenty of mini workout ideas, meal prep ideas, and e books.

How do you stay organized:
One of the ways I find it easy to stay organized is to keep a planner. I got my planner from target and it has many resources on the inside that help me stay on top of the things I have to do. My planner allows me to stick to my my budget, write down my goals for the month/week, and keep track of my plans that are scheduled.

Favorite quote or mantra:
 “ Stay patient and trust your journey "

Favorite local hangout (restaurant, bar, recreation):
One of my favorite local restaurants is The Goat. I love the atmosphere and not to mention the food. During the summer time they have volleyball tournaments, and it is a great place to just chill with your friends and just enjoy the sun.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me not only can explain someones outside appearance but also when someone has a pure loving heart. The beauty in their heart is more important than maintaining a outside physical appearance. The love and purity in someones heart can out last someones physical appearance.