Jennifer Bynum

Jennifer Bynum!

Recommended book and brief why:
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
Even though this book was written in 1936 the advice contained within transcends time and is still relevant in 2019. It’s helped me realized that if you want to be interesting, you have to be interested. Genuinely showing someone that you care, whether it’s your boss, a co-worker, a friend or significant other, goes so far in creating meaningful and symbiotic relationships.
Favorite podcast:
By the Book- my friend Katie Seringer recommended it to me a while back and it has not disappointed. The two women who lead it are smart and witty, choosing a self-help book and following the advice for two weeks. They then report on how it went and whether or not they would recommend the book. I’ve often found myself pulling out my journal and writing some of the advice down so I can incorporate it into my life.

Best grocery or meal prep tip: 
Grocery shopping tips: have a list ready beforehand, coupon where you can, NEVER to go the store hungry and allow yourself to indulge with one or two items
Meal prep- I like choosing 2-3 recipes and cooking them on Sunday- then I portion out for the week. I also like making a big salad and being able to nosh on it whenever I want.
Any awesome events coming up we should know about:
I am really excited about Beauty Boost’s summer retreat June 28-30. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with amazing women, relaxing and reflecting.

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
I just recently became a member of Burn Boot Camp in Worthington. I love that classes are 45 minutes and it’s never the same. I just have to show up and I know I will get a great workout. The women, both the students and trainers are supportive and it has become a sense of community for me.
How do you stay organized:
Google Calendar for work. I manage multiple projects so I have a calendar for each project as well as a “tasks” calendar that only I can see.   
For myself- I bullet journal and have my “buckets” of meditation, yoga, fitness, nutrition, quality time, and meal tracking. When I complete something, I check off the box.

Favorite quote or mantra:
“Just remember to stay out of your own way” Stephen Cope, from Wisdom of Yoga (another great read)

Best time savers:
Meal prepping so you don’t have to cook every night; delegating tasks to others that you know they are better at; the app Insight Timer to focus on meditation no matter how much time you have, they have meditations ranging from a few minutes to over an hour.

Favorite local hangout (restaurant, bar, recreation):
I am a sucker for tacos and tequila, so you will often see me at Local Cantina’s patio in Brewery District for Taco Tuesday and happy hour.