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Kyleigh Coomer

Name & tell us about you:
Kyleigh Coomer. I’m a 22 yr old cosmetologist/ dancer. I have been working in the beauty industry for 4 years now. I got an early start in my career & im proud to say within 2 years of graduating hair school I was able to be my own boss. I have a wedding business for Hair and Make up with hopes in opening my own salon in the next 5-7 years. I enjoy being active, going to local breweries, listening to live music, my family & my pup. I am a step mom & I feel as that has made me to strong woman I am today. I love my step son & he teaches me something new everyday. I have 1 biological step sister and 4 other step siblings. 

Recommended book and brief why:
“You are a badass” -Jen Sincero 
Need a pick me up or a good laugh this book will make you motivated and feeling freshed 

Favorite podcast:
“My favorite murderer”

Best grocery or meal prep tip: 
Anything Aldi & Kroger simple truth. I love me a fresh organic meal but also on a budget

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
body alive- body fusion with Brittany(she will kick your ass)
Body alive- hot yoga with Ashley.

How do you stay organized:
I have a set day I deep clean my house every week. Monday. It stays clean until my s/o, step son, & dog destroy it... 5 min later  my day to day saving grace is any type of little organizer easily found at TJ Maxx

Favorite quote or mantra:
“Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, & their behavior says enough about them” 
Also in the great words of my best friends 80 year old grandpa... “shit happens”

Best time savers:I know nothing about time management I got that from my momma 

Favorite local hangout (restaurant, bar, recreation):
-municipal brew works Hamilton, Morgan’s kayak & canoe, weird... but I do a lot of weddings at hotel Covington & it’s one of my favorite places 

What does beauty mean to you?
In my line of work there are SO many ways to describe beauty but my favorite thing about beauty is when I give someone their confidence back. I love making women feel beautiful. I hear so many upsetting stories in my chair about my clients life... NOTHING feels better than hearing “I have been waiting to come here all week”. I am a stronger believer in if you look good you feel good. (Looks are everything but they sure are a huge confident boost). Confidence is beauty.