Stephanie Van Gundy

Name & tell us about you:
Stephanie Van Gundy, Mother of 3 girls (ages 12, 9 & 9), (2 of which are identical twins), full time mom since 2007 & full time Realtor since 2011, I have recently started renovations to a historical downtown Delaware loft office space, where I'll be forming my own real estate team. My husband and I purchased our current residency 6 years ago in the Historical Northwest Neighborhood in Delaware. My husband, Josh, commutes to Grandview Heights everyday, where he, his brothers, cousins and uncles run and operate Fortin Ironworks. 

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
I have a Peloton Bike and enjoy all the cycling class it offers. I also attend a yoga class once a week.

How do you stay organized:
I stay organized by completing as many tasks as I can, so life doesn't get ahead of me. I still keep a written's basically my life bible when it comes to work, personal life, and my girl's schedules which includes: lacrosse, drama, and possibly cheerleading practices and games.  #organizedtime 

Favorite local hangout (restaurant, bar, recreation):
Our family visits Northstar at least once a week for brunch.