Christina Cecchetti

Recommended book and brief why:
unfu*ck yourself by Gary John Bishop. It’s not for faint of heart, it’s a raw and real to the point reading that wakes you up and gets you going. I read it whenever I am feeling “stuck”. 

Favorite podcast:
probably a little cliche but loving Rachel Hollis, including “Rise Together”, the one with her husband. It’s SO good for married couples and helping build your life together while still keeping your own identity as a woman.

Best grocery or meal prep tip: 
I have been meal prepping clean meals for four years and it’s does get easier over time! If you’re new to prepping, start with something simple that you can make in a crock pot. Add chicken breast, fresh salsa, the veggies you like and some black beans or rice and boom! A healthy full meal for several days. I also love grabbing a rotisserie chicken and pairing when a salad for a quick meal. 

Any awesome events coming up we should know about:
the Columbus Commons always have something fun going on but what is most under advertised is their free daily fitness classes! They have a variety classes that are completely free! Its a nice way to explore a new workout and meet new people. 

Best workout studio or online class you've taken lately:
I’m an avid Beachbody lover and routinely follow their programs through their streaming services. It’s convenient and works well for my schedules. I did recently attend a Melt Hot Fitness yoga and spinning class and it was amazing! It’s nice to change your routine sometimes. Next on my list is Pure Barre in New Albany.

How do you stay organized:
For events, everything goes on the shared calendar and each day Alexa shows me the day of events . This helps if you’re married too, no surprises and nothing is missed. I also love  Erin Condren planners- they’re customizable and are great for business and tracking finances. 

Favorite quote or mantra:
“It’s all been done, but not by you” we’re all trying to find ourselves and our passions. Don’t stop because of comparisons. They’re not you