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A boost of beauty for your life, health + relationships
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Feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful everyday. We’ll help you get there.
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For us, beauty means feeling strong, free and confident in our own skin. It certainly does not mean looking picture perfect or fitting into a certain size. Beauty is a feeling and our goal is to help get you there. The Beauty Boost is a space where women come to feel empowered, healthy and beautiful. We do this through fitness, retreat getaways, workout + inspiration partners, life coaching, and most importantly, surrounding you with a group of inspiring and like-minded women. We’re your support to create the changes you need in your life. Our mission is to make women just like you feel beautiful in all areas of your life.



Women of this group are passionate about health, fitness, adventure, feeling good and living a life of intention and purpose.


Join our private online group with bi-monthly meet-ups. Learn from weekly experts in the world of health, wellness and career.


We started in Columbus and have expanded! We want you to make friends, feel awesome and leave events feeling renewed and balanced.


Escape with us! If a short vaca with workouts, a chef, a life coach and plenty of wine is up your alley, we’ve got you covered! Leave feeling refreshed!

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