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One year gets you: Bundle of Event Tickets + Day Retreat + Accountability + Swag Bag + Coaching + Connection!


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The women of this group are passionate about health + fitness + adventure + FEELING good and living a life of intention and purpose. Women here are kind, compassionate and no bull-shit kinda people. If that’s all good with you, keep reading below about what it means to be part of The Beauty Boost Membership.

The Beauty Boost Everyday Inspired

It’s hard to stay positive + inspired on our own all the time. SO, we created EveryDay Inspired - a private Facebook community that brings you a new mentor each week with daily inspirational tidbits on health, wellness and empowerment. *You’ll be added to the group upon membership.


Every month we meetup to create a space for women to meet one another, try something new and just have fun and live a little. Expect workouts, brunches and healthy gatherings. *9 included throughout the year.

The Beauty Boost Everyday Inspired Meetups
The Beauty Boost Empowerment Workshops

We know by now that being healthy isn’t just working out and eating well. Our attitude towards ourselves and life, the thoughts we tell ourselves, and our mental state is HUGE for our health! Empowerment workshops are offered a minimum of 6 times per year and focus on things like motivational chats, journaling sessions, vision boarding and more. *2 tickets included in membership.


Expect a day with fitness classes, meditation, empowerment coaching, adventure + spa stations, food and connection. Sounds nice, huh? *One day retreat included.

The Beauty Boost Day Retreat
The Beauty Boost Coaching

We all get stuck from time to time. *Membership includes one coaching call for up to 1.5 hours.


Sundays just got a whole lot better. Expect a weekly member spotlight email filled with resources including: workouts, articles, suggested books, recipes and skill shares. *Sent to your inbox every Sunday.

The Beauty Boost Sunday Inspiration
The Beauty Boost Accountability Small Groups

We’ll match you up in an optional small group where you can chat and meet on a smaller basis for workouts, happy hours or whatever your heart desires!


Expect an all-inclusive VIP party to socialize + indulge. We can't tell ya those secrets now but it'll be awesome. *Offered once per year.

The Beauty Boost VIP Social Party
The Beauty Boost Early Access

“How did I miss that retreat!?” “OH man, it’s SOLD OUT!” We hear this from you a lot. Expect early access to events before the public!


When you feel mentally and physically balanced you feel great. Then add on a group of women who are all striving for the same. Life is SO MUCH BETTER when you have support and healthy relationships with positive women.

The Beauty Boost Community
The Beauty Boost Fitness

Our Taste of Fitness Sampler offers a variety of classes + experience stations! *One ticket per year included in membership


You’ll receive a special swag bag upon membership enrollment filled to inspire, empower and help you feel beautiful. *You’ll pick up at the day retreat or upcoming event.

Shh… It’s a surprise!
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